Lenovo Smart Camera is an intelligent addition to your already smart home

Digital guard dogs to keep your home safe...
31 August 2018 / 16:27IST

This app-controlled webcam with added smarts is a great addition to the smart home ecosystem. The Lenovo Smart Camera simplifies keeping track of what’s going on at home while you’re slogging your backside at a nine-to-five job. Automation being key, you can keep track of your pet, your worldly possessions and god forbid if you have any children, those too! The Lenovo Link App and a speedy internet connection is all you need. Speaking of smart, the cam offers high-resolution images with wide field of view of 355° from side to side and 120° up and down, so you have a broad digital peripheral vision and sharp night vision as well. Audio capability being two-way is a definite plus. The built-in speaker will help pacify your crying baby and you can have a one-way conversation with your pet as well, if longer office hours are an issue you need to address with it. The Smart cam will be available starting October for $99.99 (around 7,100) and can be ordered from the Lenovo website.

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