Knock on LG Signature's Door-in-Door fridge to see what’s inside

Got your hands full? It’s got a sensor underneath to open automatically
16 January 2018 / 12:48IST

Knock Knock. Who’s there? It’s food. Food who? Food in your fridge, fool. Try doing this with LG’s Signature twin door fridge. It won’t talk back, but you can have a sneak-peak to see what's in your fridge without actually having to open it. Just knock on the fridge and it’ll glow up from inside to show you what food is missing. Rats. Speaking of rats, it’s even got a foot/rat scanner underneath to automatically open the door if you‘ve got your hands full with veggies. LG’s made sure that you don't run out of space by adding a compartment for every item. Maybe even yourself if you feature in Dexter’s latest episode. That was dark, we know, but what about my food? Well, it’s got custom freezing temperatures to suit your need too. LG sure does make our life good. Buy this at a cool ₹​1,64,790. If you’re in Mumbai, head to Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel till 26th January to check it out.

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