Keyless entry to your home with Godrej Spacetek

No more scratching your smartphone
13 March 2020 / 13:43IST

Yes, we have the habit of throwing our keys in our bag and often end up with facepalm when we see our phone’s scratched display alongside. While you could be more careful, you can go completely keyless to avoid any future accidents. No more lost keys or hassles of making duplicates as your home entry is now a fingerprint away. Godrej announces Spacetek, a keyless door lock that allows you to place your finger or enter a passcode to let you in. You can also have temporary passcodes to authorise your house help or friends if you are caught up in the shower or dressing up that birthday cake when they are at the door. And if you hurt your finger or forgot the passcode, you  also get options to override it using an EXS mechanical key, VDP Module and a remote. So why not get smart and gift your home a futuristic security solution starting at ₹43,000.

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