Huawei’s smart speaker is not yet talkative

Designed and perfected by Devialet
30 March 2020 / 15:40IST

If you think Apple’s HomePod is something that your ears may enjoy, then do a quick check with Huawei. The Sound X was announced alongside their flagship Huawei P40 series and it looks like a mix of the Apple and Google AI speakers. Designed jointly by Huawei and Devialet, this smart speaker has 512MB of RAM and 8GB of storage inside, apart from a total of 8 speakers (dual subwoofers) that deliver a whopping 144 Watts of audio power. It throws sound in 360-degrees using six tweeters mounted all around it. However, the speaker's built-in AI assistant, Celia, is yet to get approvals to talk to its customers. Till then, enjoy the audio performance using your Bluetooth. Availability? It’s yet to be announced.  

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