Google's Home Max thinks it's the smartest speaker of them all

Beefed up Home speaker promises to play it loud too
04 October 2017 / 23:48IST

“Hey Google, could you inflate the Home into an audiophile-friendly speaker with window-rattling sound please?”. That’s what we just asked our favourite digital genie and, hey presto, Google came up with the Home Max ($399, about ₹26,000, due December 2017). It’s twenty times more powerful than the current Home speaker, and also comes with automatic, Sonos-like ‘Smart Sound’ that tailors the sound to your room. Its smarts also apparently go one step further, cleverly making tweaks like lowering the volume in the morning and raising it when your dishwasher’s running. And you can naturally stream music from the likes of Google Play Music, Soundcloud and other music streaming services too. In fact, the only thing this Assistant-packing speaker can't do is find its way out of the US, as it’s only going to be available Stateside in chalk and charcoal versions this year. But fear not, it’ll be ready to do battle with Apple’s Homepod and the Echo clan in other countries sometime in 2018.

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