Google Home finally enters Indian homes

The AI butler that needs no introduction
10 April 2018 / 12:44IST

A year after its international launch we can finally embrace Google’s AI wizardry in the form of a talking speaker. The Google Home is dropping in at a ₹9,999 with familiar Indian talents like Saavn and Gaana. Not to mention all of Google’s apps that you’d need to bark orders at from the comfort of your couch. It can even control Chromecast and Philips Hue lights for a quick Netflix and chill session. In terms of smart speakers, the Amazon Echo is a near perfect butler but Google Home goes a step ahead and gives those much needed maps a spit shine. Ask for directions to the nearest pub and Google Assistant will give you fastest route with estimated time to reach with the vehicle of choice. It’ll need flick it over to your connected smartphone for an immediate beer escape. Sadly it can’t drive for you, yet, so don’t drink and drive!

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