Goldmedal’s smart switch lets Google, Alexa take charge of your home

Batteries not included
06 November 2019 / 12:41IST

It’s a long and lazy weekend and you are on the couch, too lazy to ruin it and the fan switch feels like it’s miles away. Fear not as Goldmedal’s i-Touch Wi-Fi 6 module switch will save you the trouble. This smart module lets you camp on your couch island all weekend, while you simply command Google or Alexa to control your lights, fans or anything around. All you need to stretch your lazy arms now for is popcorn. But hey, those assistants will not fetch that pizza at the door — so stock up before you settle down on your little island. Get yourself this six-switch module with a fan regulator and two USB sockets that works on voice, remote or app for ₹9999.

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