Godrej Security Solutions launches Spotlight so that you’re never far from home

Safe and sound
23 July 2021 / 14:56IST

Are you used to the work from home life or does leaving your home unguarded feel… strange? Spotlights is a range of new security cameras from which you can stream live footage. Control the camera from your mobile app and tilt it 90 degrees and pan 355 degrees so you can see every inch in the room. The camera comes with a high fidelity built-in mic and speaker for two-way communication too. Spotlight can track motion and give you real-time alerts so if someone breaks into your house, you can see them with ultra-clear night vision. If you somehow missed the alert, it’s all backed up and stored on the cloud. What if it’s a hacker? All Spotlights have been tested and certified against vulnerability and penetration attack to ensure the highest level of safety. Starting at ₹4999 it’s budget-friendly too!

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