The Godrej Locks Advantis provides security, is simple enough to use but not to break!

New digital lock on the block!
29 October 2018 / 11:45IST

If you have a crazy ex, stalker, you better shell out what is thankfully an affordable amount, compared to the cost of your peace and well-being. This indoor digital lock provides takes care of your basic home security needs and comes equipped with an abundance of features that will keep that ex wondering ways to break in, while you comfortably snooze in the security of your home. At a starting price of 25,000 for the Advantis Crystal, you get a 360-degree fingerprint sensor, the option of up to four passwords and registering multiple swipe cards in the other two models- are just some of the features that will most definitely keep them out. It’s another story if they decide to break a window to enter, you must have done something deserving of that kind of rage. Even the Godrej lock in that case can’t come between you and their wrath, dear friend! Keep the nearest cop station’s number on speed dial and your last wish ready! The locks come in three variants - with biometric protection, manual passcode and one especially designed for glass doors to ensure they get the same protection, without drilling holes for installation.

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