Gift mom an InSinkErator, see her face light up

Waste food will not cause empty homes anymore
01 October 2019 / 14:48IST

Mom never likes wasting food. But admit it — we all do it anyways, everyday. And when you do, there are huge grumbling noises that emanates from the kitchen. However, the major issue is disposing off those onion, cucumber, potato peels, egg shells, chicken bones, and a lot more. Food waste is a problem everywhere. Not only does it stink later, it also stays soggy till the next morning and attracts insects and pests. And yes — if there’s a leak in your dustbin bag, keep your face mask and mop ready. Why not gift mom an InkSinkErator this festive season and see the glee on her face! You could end up making the rubbish collector happy too! InkSinkErator is the world’s largest manufacturer of food waste disposers and the product we speak about here is hidden away from plain sight. Available in five variants, these units fit into the sink and you can simply dispose all your food waste at the click of a button. The hi-precision motor and sharp blades quietly grind a fine pulp of even the hardest chicken bones and flushes it down the drain in an eco-friendly manner. Prices for these hygienic waste disposal kitchen appliances range between ₹18,990 and ₹67,990 — so why not modernize your mom’s work in the kitchen too? 

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