Flaunt those chilled drinks in your new Haier transparent refrigerator

Premium bar refrigerator with a transparent display
26 November 2019 / 13:23IST

Owning a personal bar cooler in your living room is not the same as having a chunky refrigerator 50 metre away in your kitchen. With a Haier transparent door mini refrigerator, you can simply flaunt your 20-year-old wine bottles or those crazy bubble-juices you picked from Spain last month. Peep from a distance only to find out how much stock you have for that evening gig with your office colleagues. The Haier LC-138WB (₹51,000) and LC-133K (₹ 36,000) are the latest in energy saving bar refrigerators— thanks to Low-E (low-emissivity) transparent glass that helps reduce energy loss by up to 40 per cent. Haier claims that the anti-reflective coating on the glass reduces condensation, thereby ensuring that the food is stored hygienically too. So stock up some more wine, or shop for some pastries, fruits or juices and let that small transparent cooling chamber cater to your friends this evening.

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