Fanzart Wave Plus ceiling fan gives you a reason to look up

With a design so modern and contemporary, who ever looked up to a ceiling fan before?
16 August 2019 / 14:37IST

When was the last time you actually took a good look at your ceiling fan? Probably your house help is the only one who knows that there is one up there. Well, with the Fanzart Wave Plus, you would have reasons to have guests over and make them stare at your ceiling. Modern-styled, with a natural woodgrain finish, Fanzart’s Wave Plus is inspired by the ocean’s twisty wave formations — check out those blades. This ceiling fan looks like a drunk carpenter accidentally designed it. Running on a brushless DC motor, the 50in blades are uniquely twisted to give you the highest air sweep, with pin drop silence. These fans can also rotate in reverse to for a cozy warm air flow during those cold winters. Use a remote control to switch speeds or even set it on a sleep timer to power off automatically. If you think can afford this ceiling fan, try its asking price of ₹31,990 and you would be surprised. However, to pace you down from that exorbitant price tag, how does 70% power savings sound to you?  

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