Dr. Aquaguard Intelligenz water purifier will prescribe safe drinking water

And it will keep you safer than The Avengers
24 April 2018 / 19:54IST

Infinity gems? More like infinite germs to pollute our thirsty throats but you don’t need an assembly of heroes to scrub your water clean. The Dr. Aquaguard Intelligenz does all that for you ever so smartly now. This IoT enabled water purifier can sense, monitor, alert, respond and troubleshoot your drinking water. It even goes a step further to connect automatically from your mobile device to Eureka Forbes’ service center and helps you with relevant information around device maintenance and filter replacement immediately. Though unlike some superheroes, this doctor has more than one super power. Adding essential minerals and sensing the quality of water to use the optimum purification tech is just a drop in its ocean of features. Bring your gold gauntlet 'cos you’ll need 29,999 to grab this water purifier.

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