Diwali is coming; paint your walls, hang up a new Fanzart

A luxury fan that could change the way you feel cool
01 October 2019 / 14:54IST

Since Diwali is around the corner, we bet many of you must be already getting your homes painted. While some are also planning new interiors, we bet most of you don’t even bother about that boring, round, winged thing that keeps you cool throughout the day. Yes, fans have been the least concerned since they are usually designed with plain looks. Why not give your guests something more to look up to? Specially handcrafted with wooden blades, this designer fan by Fanzart is christened as The Basil. For a hefty price of ₹29,990, the leaf-shaped 5-blade fan can complement your living room with its hand polished rustic wooden shades. The Basil also promises 25% energy savings with its 280+ RPM motors and also boasts of rotating anti-clockwise during the winters to help you get a warm cozy effect. What say?  Give your suggestions … errr…. demands to your interior designer now.

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