CES 2020: Kohler’s smart home kitchen and bathroom products make ‘connected’ seep into your home with ease

This house is future-ready
06 January 2020 / 12:56IST

Come CES and we get ready to hear about the year’s most advanced innovations that make life comfortable and convenient. Kohler makes us realise that comfort and convenience begin at home. Making your home ready for 2020 by connecting all the corners is just one big piece of the puzzle. From installing a showerhead smart speaker in your bathroom to smart water purification, and a smart touchless faucet in your kitchen to heated toilet seats and mirrors that light up with voice commands, your home couldn’t be more 2020 ready once these innovations find their way into your bathroom, kitchen and your life. With hands-free controls, innovative product designs and superb aesthetics, your house will become the lair you don’t want to step out of.

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