Asus Lyra Voice is a WiFi router that plays music with Alexa’s help

Lyra, call Alexa a butler!
11 July 2019 / 19:45IST

While Lyra Voice sounds like a very western name given to an all-controlling and all-knowing AI like Alexa, it isn’t one. Even so, if Asus dipped their mitts into AI, you didn’t think they’d name it Lyra right? Good (I bet it would be called Zephyrus). So, what’s happening here? Asus’ Lyra Voice packs three features for the price of one. Predominantly it’s a AiMesh WiFi router which sits in your living room without disturbing the aesthetics with RGB or pokey antenas. The subtle gray cloth finish hides a speaker with DTS surround sound so Alexa can tell you about your bad taste in music in full immersion. If you don’t want this as a primary router, the AiMesh smarts lets it latch onto your existing WiFi network and becoming a purposeful WiFi repeater, extending range, knowledge (from Alexa) and audio (thanks to its speakers). Asus Lyra Voice is available for ₹24,990 and is available on Amazon. Asus says the price hike is due to the new Budget reforms, courtesy: Govt. 

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