Amazon's Echo Show 5 shrinks the screen-based Alexa box

Smaller and cheaper, but still packing smarts
31 May 2019 / 14:59IST

No, you didn't overlook a couple of generations of Echo Show devices – Amazon's latest Show (the third to date, mind you), the Echo Show 5, is actually a trimmed-down edition that's more akin to the alarm clock-esque Echo Spot, albeit rectangular. The wide 5.5in screen is much smaller than the standard Echo Show, and so too is the overall device, making it a friendlier and less-obtrusive addition to more rooms in your home. It packs the same helpful perks as the larger edition, including video calls, checking in on baby monitor feeds, and can catch up TV shows on Prime Video shows if you please. Amazon will soon add wikiHow integration for easy access to how-to videos, as well. You can pre-order the Echo Show 5 now in Black and White colours for 8,999 from Amazon India right away and expect a delivery somewhere in July.

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