“Alexa, mere shopping list mein jeera add kar do”

That AI girl now understands and talks back in Hindi and Hinglish too
19 September 2019 / 12:32IST

Did you notice your mom having trouble with Amazon’s Echo speakers when she would shout out in Hindi? Or your domestic help trying her level best in Hinglish to get Alexa to play her bollywood tune? Well, Amazon has now trained that AI girl (Alexa) to listen, understand and converse in Hindi and Hinglish. Already available as an update, Echo speakers around the world can now communicate with Indians in their native language — Hindi for now. Ask for music, get Bollywood or sports updates and much more by simply speaking in Hindi or Hinglish. Amazon was challenged with the cultural and linguistic diversity of India, and hence, with the help of their AI teams, they managed to teach Alexa Hindi. To get started with Hindi, you can simply say, “Alexa, help me set up Hindi.” Guess what — other devices that have Alexa compatibility will also be able to speak to you in Hindi. Compatible devices from Bose, Motorola, MyBox, Boat, Portronics, Fingers, Sony, iBall and Dish will now understand your mom better. Unfortunately, you cannot ask Alexa “aaj mausam kaisa hai” to know your mom’s mood today.

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