AirOk’s Vistar can remove toxic chemicals from the air you breathe

Breathin' it easy
12 November 2019 / 12:58IST

No matter which city you live in, there are always pollutants in the air that never let you breathe easy. Matters only get worse during winter when pollution levels go well above the norm. An air purifier is always a must so you can save your lungs, at least when you are at home. And AirOK’s Vistar Comfort air purifiers do just that and a bit more. Most air purifiers feature a HEPA filter that would need a replacement every 6 months. Priced upwards of Rs 25,000, Vistar’s patented efficient granular absorbent particulate arrester (EGAPA) can also reduce CO2, VOCs and other toxic chemicals in the air around you, letting your family breathe cleaner air. AirOk also claims that they need to be replaced just once a year. But someone will still have to clean those dusty shelves. They won’t clean themselves!

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