Aeroguard promises your family safe air

The air around you at home is also unfit to breathe
30 October 2019 / 13:48IST

And if you thought that pollution will hit you only if you are heading out to work, or for a casual walk —think twice. Research has confirmed that the air within your home is more harmful than in your garden. So the next time your mom is frying fish or your nani is helping her with some daal tadka, make sure your air purifier is set to auto mode. And if you don’t have one, Eureka Forbes has two on offer. The Aeroguard series promises to protect you from that smokey, dusty house with the Aeroguard AP 700 DX (6-stage) or Dr Aeroguard HPA 500 (9-stage). These new entrants also help reduce the threats if air pollution caused by pollen, dust and everything that’s suspended (up to PM2.5) in the air causes health problems. With 6 and 9-stage filtrations using HEPA-based filters, these smart air purifiers can be picked up for ₹19,990.   

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