Sharp’s QNET SmartAir aims to make your WFH experience refreshing

Just breathe
08 March 2021 / 16:25IST

Sharp has tied up with direct-selling company QNET, to launch a brand new air purifier in India that’s priced at ₹43,670. It may seem like it’s eating into your wallet (given how much it costs), but switch it on and it will use its Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) technology to eat into the airborne Novel Coronavirus (obliterating SARS-CoV-2 by 91.3% within 30 seconds). It’s very different from the affordable (sub ₹15 k) air purifiers as it not only filters the air around you, but also scrubs it clean using the PCI tech. Apart from taking care of the airborne viruses it’s also good for the usual stuff that’s floating around your room like. This IoT-enabled air purifier can be used to rid the air of smoking, burning candles, cooking fumes, mould, dust, and other volatile organic compounds that are commonly used to sanitise surfaces. But once the air is fresh, it’s entirely up to you to finish your report or put your feet up and enjoy a nice cuppa.

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