Seamless gaming in any corner of your home with Linksys MR8300

Mesh routers are the futuristic must-have wireless spots at home or office
19 September 2019 / 13:49IST

You may have noticed that your gaming skills take a hit when you played in another room rather than your own. Well, don’t blame that couch in your living room. Your games will be affected by the internet speeds when you move around at home. To counter that, you should upgrade your Wi-Fi network with mesh routers. While mesh routers will ensure your internet speeds are maintained at every cornet, not all mesh routers can handle latency when it comes to gaming needs. Linksys promises to solve that problem by introducing the MR8300 Tri-Band Mesh Gaming Router. This router boasts of up to 93% lower network latency for gamers, apart from keeping up the requirements for 4K entertainment when needed. The Linksys MR8300 Max-Stream Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi AC2200 Router had proven to be 71% better than competition products when tested with 6 gaming phones and 21 other devices simultaneously active on the same network. Filled to the brim with features, this router can adopt multiple Velop nodes to form a seamless networking world at home or office. Tech specs include a 716MHz quad-core processor atop 256MB flash and 512MB RAM with six Gigabit ports and triband radios for the longest range possible. Pretty affordable, this little beast is priced at ₹15,999.  

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