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Are you a good writer but a sucky marketeer?
23 May 2017 / 18:56IST

I write poems but only my friends and Instagram followers love them. Why am I not the Rabindranath Tagore of Instagram? Why is the universe not recognising my talents? These thoughts can give you anxiety and you might suffer from ‘my-writing-sucks’ syndrome. Not good. We suggest you get professional help. Like the one provided by What does it do? It allows you to connect with professionals who can help you transform your midnight scribbles into a magnum opus. Right from designing the hardbook cover to editing the content to getting it reviewed to distributing it in 100+ countries and keeping it trendy via e-books on e-commerce websites - they do it all. Bingo bonus? You get 100% profits from the sales because you still keep the copyright to your books and even get to live track the sales. They have three packages starting from ₹35,990.  

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