Say ‘hello’ to clear and reliable calling with the new Jabra Talk 2

Huh? What? I can’t hear you!
20 March 2017 / 10:54IST

Bluetooth headsets have never been reliable and there is good reason to assume they never will be.

It may be a flawed system but it has its merits and uses. The Jabra Talk 2 boasts of HD calling with no disruptions on calls received and made through the headset. Call quality is improved by a noise-filtering mic which ensures that your voice is clear and crisp, making it ideal for conference calls. After all, hands-free communication is pretty cool.


Doesn’t seem like you have tried face-to-face communication.

Well, face-to-face communication is for those who have time. Some people have things to do and places to see. The Jabra Talk 2 promises 9 hours of talk time and the flexible ear gels give you much needed auditory comfort on the long hours you spend not talking to people face to face.

Well someone is sensitive about being an introvert.

Now that you mention it, a Bluetooth headset would be a great tool for an introvert. Since we have cleared that up we can now focus on more important things, like world peace, or the features of the Jabra Talk 2. Apart from the extremely good battery life and HD voice feature, the Talk 2 is Bluetooth 4.0 enabled, can access Siri and Google Now, has wireless stereo sound and voice guidance. So, it’s safe to assume that it does pretty well for something that’s so tiny and sits on your ear all day.


Boy does someone need to sort out their priorities!

As true as that may be, lets us just inform you that the Jabra Talk 2 is available now, online and offline at an MRP of ₹2099.

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