Samsung installs India’s second Onyx screen at an INOX cinema in Mumbai

Viewing experience just got more real
06 December 2018 / 22:37IST

In this ever-changing world of resolutions and pixels, size does matter. No matter how much you spend on a decent home theatre, bigger is always better. Being leaders in the world of screens, Samsung launched its second Onyx screen in Mumbai at a popular suburban movie destination. INOX at Malad’s Inorbit mall is ready to showcase images on a screen they claim is a ‘game changer’ as far as film exhibition and viewing experience goes. With two major selling points - enhanced visual quality (that enhances the blacks on the LED panels so the picture delivered is brighter and more detailed than a regular cinema screen) and the Onyx surround sound experience (that eliminates the coveted ‘sweet spot’ and delivers equal sound throughout the theatre) your next viewing experience holds the promise of being detail-rich and totally stupendous. Add to that less distortion and you’re set for the perfect movie date.

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