Samsung Flip is an interactive whiteboard to declutter your boardroom meetings

Meetings will be flippin’ amazing?
20 March 2018 / 16:00IST

Chalkboards, projectors, 15in laptop displays, tablets, smartphones, papers, pens and markers. Samsung cold-pressed all of that into an innovative interactive digital display sort of. It’s a 55in 4K display that condenses multiple tools and processes that are required in a traditional meeting. You can grab any pen or marker and start scribbling on the screen for your bored colleagues meanwhile connecting wirelessly with a laptop, smartphone, USB drive or a connected network drive to extract files. Shifting between portrait mode and landscape mode is effortless and it can even register upto four inputs in a single time. Better yet, it registers your palm as an eraser to simplify the process without getting chalk dust all over your expensive shirt. Need to send those useful meeting notes from the Flip to your now half-asleep colleagues? Email, printer access, network storage and USB storage are at your disposal to store your content easily. Once that is done, you can password protect your data and leave the conference room for the marketing team to get in and watch cat videos. It’s available for ₹3 lacs with Samsung distributors.

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