RTX Voice uses your Nvidia graphics card’s AI to cancel out ambient noise in your voice chat

It won’t make you sound like Morgan Freeman
24 April 2020 / 19:04IST

While most of us usually find Nvidia’s topic to pinch the gaming community’s interest, the RTX Voice is actually for a wider audience. That mesmerising Ray Tracing tech and life-like lighting can take a backseat for now. RTX Voice, which may sound like something that’ll let you steal David Attenborough’s voiceover career, is actually for silencing the clickity-clack of keyboards and the crying babies, the angry parents and the whispering spouses. It’s in Beta right now and can be downloaded from their website. It supports 10 softwares to start with, many of which are gaming related, but business folks can also get in on the action with Skype, Slack, Zoom, WebEx and Google Chrome. This software will work if you have an RTX GPU in your computer system. You can head over to this link to get a step-by-step process for each of those 10 softwares.

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