Rhythm & Blues festival will ensure the financial year ends on a musical note

Home-grown music fest at its desi best
19 March 2018 / 15:08IST

Gear up for a musical feast this month end. Whether you’re a festival pro or a rookie, live gigs hold transforming abilities. And the Kasauli Rhythm & Blues festival, organised by the Genesis Foundation is music for a cause, indeed! While your dose of music is taken care of by swaying to the likes of Rabbi Shergill, Suraj Jagan, Thermal and a Quarter, When Chai Met Toast, Parvaaz and Unplugged in the hills of Kasauli, underprivileged children with heart disorders will find their lost song. Thanks to this initiative, your recreation will mean recuperation for a few little souls. The tickets are priced between 3000 and 9500, and you can book your tickets here for March 30 and 31.

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