Revv’s Switch car subscription will give you a fleet of cars to call your own... temporarily

Free yourself from the shackles of down payments and EMIs
23 May 2017 / 14:16IST

Do you wait for the year to end just so car prices slash down and you can acquire a new set of wheels? Spare a thought for your bank balance constantly being depleted by a list of EMIs, the rising cost of living and the never-ending trips to the watering hole you and your pals often make after work. You can stop being on the prowl looking for good deals ‘coz a better one has been handmade for you. What’s even better is the fact you can become a car owner without having to pay for and maintain one. Choose any car from a fleet of MUVs, SUVs cross-overs, sedans and hatchbacks, pay a small rental amount and treat it as your own for the duration you’ve paid for. So far only available in nine cities across India, Revv’s Switch car subscription platform is slowly spreading its roots to other cities. So, the next time you visit a friend in Delhi, with a rented car and GPS, you’re fully equipped to show yourself around.

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