Redmi Note 10 Pro Max gets you everything you would ever want in a budget smartphone

Except 5G
04 March 2021 / 13:40IST

5G networks are still a year (or two) away for smartphone buyers in India, which is probably the reason why Xiaomi’s latest and greatest Redmi Note 10 Pro Max ignored 5G like an elephant ignoring an ant. The event was the exact opposite of Apple’s “5G-friendly” iPhone 12 series launch but surprisingly enough, Xiaomi also went with OLED displays across its Note 10 range. So what’s new? Well, plenty! At ₹18,999 (base price) the Pro Max gets you a 108 MP quad-rear camera setup that is a big deal given that this is a budget smartphone. Also new, is the 6.67-inch SAMOLED display with 120 Hz refresh rate. It also looks new, thanks to the Evol design (that’s derived from the world Love). There’s the Note 10 Pro that’s priced lower and gets a watered-down 64 MP camera. The basic Redmi Note 10 also gets the AMOLED treatment with a new Snapdragon 678 to keep up with the times. Love it or hate it, there’s something for everyone... save for the 5G crowd.

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