Realme’s 8 Pro gets you a fancy 108 MP camera minus the fancy price tag

For the shutterbug on a budget
25 March 2021 / 17:01IST

108 MP cameras are usually reserved for the most premium smartphones, but that does not stop manufacturers like Xiaomi from bringing them to the mid-range. Realme (being Realme) had to one up the competition and has now come up with a budget smartphone that gets you a 108 MP camera. This may sound like a gimmick (and could possibly be one) but Realme uses a Samsung HM2 Sensor that’s a step down from the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and a step up from last year’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra; at least on paper. Given that cut-throat ₹17,999 starting price, we are sure that many Redmi Note 10 buyers will be interested. But if the camera does not impress the 8 Pro has other tricks up its sleeves. There’s an AMOLED display with an in-display fingerprint sensor and a 4500 mAh battery that charges from 0-100% in a claimed 45 minutes using the in-box 50 W charger. Indeed, all of this comes at a price. And in the case of the 8 Pro, there’s an ageing Snapdragon 720G chipset inside, which also means… no 5G.

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