Rapido will take you to work without depending on that snooty colleague for a carpool ride

Bike taxi to the rescue…
06 August 2020 / 11:52IST

While public transport still staggers to find its way back into our daily lives, carpools are the go-to mode of transportation in these COVID times, a bike taxi service like Rapido Bike Taxi is here to save the day. While that snooty colleague with a car makes the ride to work a bit too monotonous, this mode of commuting will ensure you reach your destination without the colleague’s boring playlist. A simple app to download, register and you’re good to go. Hail your bike taxi, pillion ride your way to your destination at a much affordable price point. Regular sanitisation of the pillion seat is just one of the measures to ensure hygiene and safety, and if you end up becoming a regular user of their service, we suggest you invest in a helmet of your own so neither mobility nor hygiene is compromised.

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