Portronics’ Mybuddy L is here to liberate you from future Chiropractor expenses

Make your work less of a pain!
10 January 2018 / 9:49IST

Here’s something that’s more of a life hack than actual tech. if you’re one to bring work home more than usual, then more often than not, finding a comfortable position in bed isn’t something that one manages to achieve for longer work spells. Thus begins the cycle of nagging back aches, sleepless nights and all, wreaking havoc on your body and your performance at work the next day- aah, the life of a serial workaholic… well here’s a solution that will neither break your back nor your bank – the Portronics’ Mybuddy L foldable table is perfect for home and office use. With enough space to accommodate your laptop (there’s even a USB powered cooling fan so your laptop can breathe easy) and maybe even a cup of coffee and voila! You have a workstation, wherever you are. We’d say that 2999 is definitely a better deal, compared to what that Chiropractor you’d need in the near future would cost to fix your posture that you’re currently busy spoiling.

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