Polaroid's Now+ is a smartphone-connected snapper with colour-pop lens filters

Bringing the Now factor to vintage snaps
31 August 2021 / 18:01IST

If you fancy going back to basics but you’re not quite ready to surrender your smartphone, Polaroid has you covered. The Polaroid Now+ is a Bluetooth-connected snapper that hooks up to a free app to bring an extra level of creative control to your old-school square snaps. Available on both iOS and Android, the app offers everything from remote control to a self-timer and a revamped Manual mode that lets dedicated camera-botherers tinker with the settings. A new Aperture mode lets you tweak depth of field settings for artfully blurred backgrounds while the new Tripod mode means you can snap long exposures - perfect for swanky ‘motion blur’ shots. If you can’t be bothered to fiddle with settings, an overhauled autofocus and updated dynamic flash mean you can get great shots by simply pointing and shooting. For the first time, Polaroid’s retro-style snapper comes with an accessory pouch stuffed with snap-on lens filters. The blue, yellow and orange filters will give your shots an arty hue or bring a pop of colour to monochrome film. There’s also a Red Vignette option for adding a halo of colour, plus a Starburst filter for a cool twinkly effect. The big news is, the Now+ also comes with a lens cap, a baffling omission from all of Polaroid’s previous models. The Polaroid Now+ is available now and will replace Polaroid’s previous connected cam, the OneStep+.

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