Platini Bread Maker by Bajaj Electricals is the perfect marriage of food and tech

Breakfast needn’t be a boring affair anymore...
26 September 2018 / 14:11IST

We love living in 2018. The yummiest foods will be home delivered at your beck and call, but nothing takes away the charm of making a meal from scratch, and that includes baking your own bread. Take this Bajaj Electricals Platini Bread Maker for instance. With so many bakeries opening in every neighbourhood, it’s pretty easy to get lazy in the kitchen. Priced at just ₹9999 and equipped with 12 different menu options to make breads, jams and cakes to choose from, bread making can be an exciting weekend activity that gets the family together. It’s easy as pie, really. Just mix in the ingredients, catch an episode of the Troll Hunters and before it’s over, you’ll have fresh bread at your disposal. Feel spoilt for choice as there’s enough options to engage yourself with, all the while being sure only the healthiest ingredients go into making your bread.

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