Papermakers at Fabriano Boutique go green with their Spring arrivals

Italian paper making to avoid carbon footprint at your desks…
30 March 2018 / 12:12IST

If you want to go green, you’ve got two options — either go hug a tree; or cater to the nature lover within you and mark the arrival of spring and go paint the canvas green — with this green pencil belt by Fabriano Boutique. The belt comes with 24 coloured pencils, all handmade, of course, keeping true to their centuries-old tradition. While at it, do your bit for the green cause and also add the Vergatone notebook to your shopping cart, which is made of cotton and virgin fibers. Here’s a promise that no trees were killed in making the notebook, with their EcoQua notebook, which they also claim is 100% ecologically processed. Also, check out their Holy-Wood line - entirely made with materials like wood, cork, and paper which is in synch with the maker's’ love of nature. The range starts at 610 and can be purchased from their store in Mumbai.

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