Our nightmares made real by Panasonic’s Artificial Intelligence ‘Arbo’

Time to choose between the red pill and blue pill might not be so far
03 April 2017 / 14:31IST

Movies like Terminator and iRobot have warned us to keep away from self-learning artificial intelligence lest it learns that we humans are nothing but sacks of bone and water, easy to overthrow and replace as the rulers of the planet, with little resistance from Morpheus and Sarah Connor. Well, we might be over-reacting *just* a smidge, but Panasonic’s Arbo is a self-learning technology that monitors every move of the user and picks up the user's behaviour and patterns. Equipped with Arbo, Panasonic has launched the Eluga Ray Max and the Eluga Ray X which will be available exclusively on Flipkart at 11,499 (32GB), 12,499 (64GB) and 8,999 respectively. We guess it’s time for us to build and stock up our underground bunkers with Nerf guns and tin foil hats.

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