Osim’s uInfinity will save you a trip to Thailand

Multiple massage modes relax every muscle
28 May 2017 / 16:05IST

We’re living in a world where humans are building devices to replaces humans. The motorised massage chair joins the great big league of recliners that are responsible for half the marital discord in the world. The chair’s too comfy, Netflix and chill is the mantra of existence; leaking pipes can wait another day, week or year, honey! Back to the subject: Osim’s newest launch, the uInfinity Lifestyle Massage Chair is here to make the recliner-potato existence mode more blissful. With features like in-built speakers, online programme updates, multiple (they insist on calling it humanised) massage modes, Thailand will be out of business before we know it. Whether it justifies the tag of 5,35,000 it carries or not, we’re yet to make up our minds on that. In the meantime, call the plumber, honey. Daddy’s getting a massage.

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