Oppo’s Find X3 Pro does the math with two 50 MP cameras

12 March 2021 / 13:07IST

Unlike every other brand today, that’s going with a 108 MP camera, Oppo seems to have figured it all out (or at least, it thinks it has). Instead of going with a 108 MP sensor (like everyone else), it kind of divided it into two 50 MP cameras (wide + ultra-wide) with its newest Find X3 Pro. Then, it added a 13 MP telephoto to the mix and a 3 MP macro that lets you zoom into things like a microscope. But there’s more to this new flagship from Oppo. The X3 Pro has got this unique-looking glass back that bends and curves near the camera protrusion but is surprisingly made from one single piece of glass. So, it’s quite the looker as well! There’s also a special LTPO 10-bit QHD+ display that can adjust its refresh rate between 5 Hz and 120 Hz on the fly, depending on content being viewed and save battery life. And once that 4500 mAh battery does drain out, the in-box 65 W wired charger takes just 30 minutes to charge up from 0-100. Available in a single 12 GB RAM + 256 GB storage option that’s priced at ₤984 (approximately ₹1 lakh) the Find X3 Pro falls in the ultra-premium segment, even though there seems to be nothing too special about this equation.

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