Nike Yoga Collection Infinalon adds comfort to those tough yoga stretches

Cat pose, no problemo…
10 April 2020 / 14:50IST

So you were one of the many people who managed to try a new skill and pick up a new hobby during this quarantine period. And so far your love for yoga meant doing those asanas in your track pants, or comfy night PJs. But that’s not the dress code for the post-lockdown yoga class you have vowed to join, right? The good news is, post lockdown you can nurture your newfound love for yoga in comfy yoga wear designed by Nike. Nike Infinalon is designed especially to survive those prolonged stretches and provide soft comfort that one needs while concentrating on nothing but breathing, like a trained yogi. Special Infinalon fabric makes it soft and comfortable to touch, and the thoughtful seam placement and minimum trims make transition between asanas buttery smooth. The collection is priced from 1197 onwards and is available on the Nike website, to be delivered later. We suggest you hone those skills for now, select from the Nike Yoga collection and then go join that advanced yoga class right away. 

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