Make room in your bag, Apollo lands in India

A pocketable entertainment beamer
11 March 2020 / 12:24IST

Beam your favourite movies in your tent or simply keep your kids occupied outdoors with Tom and Jerry while you spend some quality time with your spouse. Simply bring out that portable projector and beam out a movie anywhere you find a flat white surface. Don't have one? Check out the Apollo that has just landed in India. The ultra-portable projector from Nebula is about the size of a soda can and sports Wi-Fi connectivity with Android onboard. Download your OTT apps or simply stream from your smartphone; the 200 ANSI lumens projector can splurge a whopping (up to) 150in screen with 854x480 pixels. No power? Relax — a built-in battery will entertain those noisy brats for up to 4 hours while you say cheers to your wife over a candle light dinner by the woods. That small wonder comes in handy for ₹39,999 along with a one year warranty.

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