Mahindra’s Virtual Reality experience is a first of its kind in the auto retail segment

Salesmen bring showrooms to your living room
01 February 2018 / 19:06IST

This innovative breakthrough could take Mahindra a long way in bringing families together... at least for us. Firstly, it’s a huge struggle to gather the entire family to get an opinion on even the simplest of purchases. The next hurdle arises when we all have different opinions on even a hairpin. Thankfully, you can avoid that showdown in a car showroom, because the next time you’re buying a Mahindra car, along with a car to Test Drive, the Mahindra reps will also bring a VR headset to your home, where you can select not just the car you’re buying, but also customise the look – both interior and exterior, choose model, colours, accessories and media. The entire family can gather and discord of any sort is completely avoided as the cost of each customisation is mentioned as well. For starters the service is going to be available in Mumbai, but by the next quarter people in up to 20 cities can share the virtual car-buying experience. Other innovations in the pre and purchase segment include interactive services, real time sharing of your selection on social platforms, finance and insurance options, to name a few.

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