Looking for an unusual addition to your living room? Woodfeather sorts your dilemma

Decor items that lend unspoken elan to your walls
23 May 2018 / 13:19IST

Your living room wall doesn’t need another masterpiece you painted as a 10 year old. Airplane propellers by Woodfeather can decorate those morbid walls, and give them a much-needed makeover. The good news is: these versatile propellers go from being left in a corner in the living room to bedroom and study walls with equal ease, without compromising on their unique classy element - it’s a design that doesn’t have much scope of going wrong. Available in standard 4ft and 6ft, Woodfeather propellers range between 28,000 and 56,000. Regardless of the size of your room and wall, these propellers can be custom-made and are available in three lines - Teak, Classic and Signature Collections, each having a design story of its own behind them. Fire the architect right away - the one who insists a makeover is incomplete until you buy that exorbitant sculpture.

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