Let Flixjini be your content sommelier this evening

Some Netflix, Madame? Or perhaps a helping of Prime?
06 April 2020 / 15:53IST

Ever get that craving to rewatch Ratatouille at 3 a.m. and can't for the life of you remember which streaming platform it’s on? And that inevitably leads you down the rabbit hole of trying out each and every streaming service you have subscribed to. And as always, the correct one is the last one you decide to check, cuz why not! There is, of course, a point to this rant, otherwise this would be a pretty weird news piece (does it sound like the lockdown is getting to me cuz I feel it’s getting to me?!) and the point is – there is a better way! Flixjini is here to help with your midnight woes by aggregating and providing information on streaming content from sources like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar and 25+ other legal streaming platforms. And to aid users in discovering new content, Flixjini has a built-in discovery tool, including AI driven content classification and recommendation system that suggests content personalised to the user’s taste. Flixjini is available on the web and can be found on the Play Store and App Store too. It will also be available for streaming sticks like Fire TV soon.

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