Italian paper master Fabriano Boutique has set up shop in Mumbai

Italian suits? Wait till you touch their papers
22 January 2018 / 16:53IST

Are dates important to you? So, you better go all Italian my friend. Fabriano has been making paper since 1264 and they know a thing or two about it. They use acid-free paper and all the other good boy stuff to make high quality paper products. Special attention is given to the colour schemes, materials used and the quality of the product. We had a special interest in the Wood Packer, a chic bag which is made using thin sheets of wood etched with micro-laser engraving coupled to a fabric by using water based adhesives. Oh, and did we mention everything is handmade in Italy? Yup, it’s all here at Phoenix Mills, Mumbai now. Just keep your date away from it cos’ you might end up spending big during Valentine’s.

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