iRobot HOME App makes you in-charge of a clean home

03 April 2017 / 11:32IST

The banalities of domestic life have you crying murder at the thought of the specks of dust left unattended in the hard-to-reach spots around the house? We say a few extra hard-earned pink notes spent once would provide you relief for a long time to come, without pleading to your house help to bend just a little bit more, stretch just a notch or for once, sweep the floor to your liking. Here’s where the advantage of machines come in – the iRobot Roomba vaccuming robot is trained to reach the hard-to-reach places without uttering a word of complaint in return and the HOME App ensures your home is dust-free and argument free. The user-friendly voice-activated commands, cleaning reports and advanced mapping features make the experience more interactive and pleasant than any member of your staff ever would. The latest update of the app is available for download for iOS and Android users. If times of slavery were ever to return, we’d claim iRobot as a personal favourite!

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