Hasbro’s Monopoly Cheaters Edition comes with some new twists and turns

Cheaters, it’s your time to shine!
03 August 2018 / 13:50IST

All dull moments come to an end once the family’s box of Monopoly comes out. It’s not only a great means to introduce the economics and the basics of market dynamics, it also brings out the shrewd side of all players. But if you’ve been a sore loser so far in every attempt so far, the Monopoly Cheaters Edition could be your saving grace. Since most of us ‘bend the rules’ while playing, the Cheaters Edition aims to ‘level the playing field’. In this updated version, players have the option to attempt to get away with borrowing money from the bank, skipping spaces, and avoiding rent payments as official game moves. Even the trusted old banker is a miss in this version. Each player has control of the bank on their designated turn, making it easier than ever to snag some extra cash, but be sure not to get caught ‘cos offenders are likely to get caught, handcuffed and chained as a consequence. Meant for players 8 years and upwards, this version of the classic game is priced at a modest 2199 so family fun is back on the board.

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