Go hands-on with Motorola latest gadgets at Moto Hubs in India

Hands-on experience matters
21 March 2018 / 18:23IST

According to some stats, Indians prefer being convinced by over-the-counter salesmen and then buying gadgets from the shop itself, rather than surfing on e-commerce websites. Funny eh? Motorola’s initial hubs in the country have resulted in better sales than its official retail website. With that in mind, they initiated to set up more Moto Hubs all over the country. Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and others have at least 50 hubs placed all over the city for a better sales and retail. They believe that hands-on experience is key when it comes to buying phones and accessories. We can't agree more. You can find these Moto Hubs in multi-brand retail stores and convenient public places like malls. Better yet, they plan to open 1000 stores across 100 cities by the end of this year. Hello retail, Hello Moto.

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