Your marathons will feel lighter with Skechers’ Performance Go Run 5

There’s also an open Go Run5 challenge all over India
09 October 2017 / 17:21IST

Skechers, the famous American brand did not only launch the Go Run 5, but also the Go Run 5 challenge. India’s springy Tiger Shroff was the first to do this challenge (To run for 5 minutes on a treadmill constantly at 16/kmph). This challenge is going to be held in major cities all over India (Anyone who completes the challenge gets a chance to win goodies and a Go Run 5 shoe). Now, let's talk about the Go Run5 shoe. The Go Run 5 is Skechers’ Performace’s latest running shoe, designed to be light and firm. It’s ideal for running, especially marathons. It's got new tech for better flexibility, agility and durability and available at the nearest Skechers showroom - 8,999 for men and ₹7,999 for women. Happy running.