You need Dromos’ Bluetooth tracker if you have the memory of a goldfish

Or you have no self-control over neat whiskey on the house
28 June 2017 / 13:32IST

Have you ever given a boost to a friend to peep inside a pastry shop through the shutter? No, not to steal, but to ask the whereabouts of your home keys. No? Then it’s just us. Or maybe you had your forgetful moments like every other sober citizen, in the back of a cab. Whatever you do that makes you forget, the underlying problem is that your absence of mind may cost you more than just your attention. Connect a Dromos Bluetooth tracker to your ‘oh I lost it again’ thing and once paired with your mobile phone, track it using a dedicated app (Android/iOS). It uses Bluetooth 4.0 and costs 1,499 (selling at a discounted price of 999 at the time of writing). You can even use it to click pictures or send out an SOS message. Go, be the ACP Pradyuman of your dreams.